Privacy policy

In order to provide better content and services, Mega Create Co., Ltd. may on occasion request the personal information of its users. However, it will always pay the utmost respect to the privacy of its users as well as exercise the greatest attention in protecting this information. Our company's privacy policy is as follows.

Collection of information

Our company may request personal information in the following cases: In receiving responses to company surveys, applications for gifts, subscriptions for online news services, requests for partnerships, consultations and applications for real estate operations, and various other inquiries, our company may request personal information such as the user's name, email address, mobile email, DOB, sex, postal code, address, occupation, industry, and personal interests. Our company may also use cookies in order to collect information.

*About cookies
Cookies are a small file of information stored in the computers of users visiting a site. By using cookies, it is possible to identify users who have visited a site more than once and record what pages were viewed during their visits. No information that could be used to determine an individual user's identity, such as name and email address, is recorded during this process. However, for users who are concerned about or oppose the use of cookies, it is possible to change your browser's settings to disable cookies or receive a warning when they are in use.

Usage of information

Information collected from users of the company's site through use of cookies or answers received to inquiries, surveys, questionnaires, consultations, and applications shall only be used for the following purposes:
・As reference in the creation of content or provision of services
・To send direct mails or emails concerning company services and updates to the website
・To survey site traffic and the number of users on the Mega Create homepage
・To measure the effectiveness of banner advertisements
Information collected on this page (excluding information concerning credit) may be used by our company to the extent permitted by all relevant laws and ordinances.
For example, customer information may be used for purposes of direct marketing. Our company may analyze this information for records as well as statistical, and academic purposes. It may also be stored to improve site usability during future visits by the user. Information may be used for surveying purposes when there has been a security breach. Information may be used for legal reasons when assisting the authorities in an investigation.

Disclosure of information

Information collected by our company will be used to send official notifications, to survey site traffic and number of users, and to understand user needs and provide more attractive content and services. Information collected for the above purposes will not be disclosed, sold, or otherwise released without the consent of the user concerned. However, information may be disclosed in the following cases:
・When it has been collected in response to surveys intended for public disclosure (for release as public content)
・When disclosure or sharing of information is deemed necessary in order to provide products and services desired by the customer (provision to a third party to the extent required to perform contracted services such as credit card payments, deliveries, and postal shipping)
・When an official inquiry based on relevant laws and ordinances has been received from a public institution such as a court or police department

About surveys

Our company may carry out surveys as part of our market research operations or when requested by one of our corporate clients. At this time, personal information registered by our users will be used for the research data. However, during this process, our corporate clients will not be able to access any information that would allow them to determine the identity of individual users. Information will be used for statistical purposes only.

Secondary use of information

Our company is contractually obligated not to disclose or provide personal information to advertising clients and sponsors without first receiving the user's consent.

Erasure of information

When so requested by a user, our company will cease transmission of information and provision of services to said user and erase the user's personal information from our database.


In order to improve user experience, this site may provide links to other websites. Our company bears no responsibility for the handling of personal information on sites linked to through this site. We recommend confirming the privacy policy of each site viewed by the user.

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<Additional clause> These regulations are in effect as of February, 2005.